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Review of ‘Nevernight’ – Jay Kristoff

nevernight jay kristoff

This is a review of an advanced reader copy which has been provided by NetGalley (thanks NetGalley and the publisher) before the official release of the book. Please note that things might have changed since the book has been officially released.

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Review of ‘Under the Trees’ – Ashley Maker

Under the Trees

Sometimes all you want to do is read a fairy tale, and believe in the good of the world – that good people can win, and that princesses live happily ever after. But make no mistake, Under the Trees is more than that, it carries an empowering message. It tells us to stop dreaming, and start…

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Interview with C.S. Wilde – Author of ‘A Courtroom of Ashes’

cs wilde interview

C.S. Wilde, believe it or not, has written since she was eight years old.  If you keep reading, you will find out that, besides being a Fantasy author, she has also the gift of giving entertaining interviews. I have included a bit of information about A Courtroom of Ashes in the end, so go ahead and feel free…

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