Review Policy

I occasionally accept review copies at my own discretion. When this type of review is published, it’s fully disclosed that I’ve been offered a free copy to review it. I recommend you to browse through my reviews if you want to see my reviewing style.

If you want me to review your book please contact me through this form.

Please consider:

  • I do not accept any kind of payment to review a book. I’ll review books that are of interest to me, depending on my own availability. 
  • I only reply to offers that interest me, so if you haven’t received a reply to your inquiry please assume I won’t be able to review your book. If you’re interested in being featured for an author interview or writing a guest post, please mention so in the same email, so even if I’m unable to review your book at that moment in time, there’s a possibility I could feature you. Please note I only accept exclusive material – not published elsewhere.
  • I am unable to guarantee a timeframe to review your book, even if accepted.
  • I accept eBooks (mobi format, for Kindle) and print copies (shipped to Portugal).
  • I highly respect authors and their work: your ARCs are safe with me, they’ll never be shared with anyone.
  • I read a little bit of everything but my preferences are: Speculative fiction, YA, Women’s fiction, Contemporary fiction, Thriller & Mystery.
  • I can never guarantee a positive review and I won’t accept any kind of monetary compensation to write something that doesn’t reflect my opinion. My readers trust me to be honest, I write from a personal point of view and I will publish not-so-positive reviews once in a while if I feel like sharing my thoughts. 
  • That being said, I’ll avoid publishing negative reviews and I rather DNF than leave a negative review (I’ll let you know if that’s the case). Writing unnecessarily rude reviews is NOT my style and my opinions never intend to hurt feelings, however, be prepared that we all have different tastes and I might not like your book. Please do not submit your book to review if you aren’t prepared for the possibility of negative feedback. 
  • My reviews might also be published on GoodReads, Amazon and shared via email or any of my social media channels.