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writing an anthology

Subject Verb Object: How Creating An Anthology is Harder Than You Might Think

by Dane Cobain Hi, folks! My name’s Dane Cobain and I’m a UK-based author and poet, and today I’m swinging by with a quick guest post to talk to you about anthologies. An anthology is basically a collection of writing from different authors, often taking the form of a short story collection. They can be…
michael chatfield free fleet

Interview with Michael Chatfield – The Free Fleet Series

Michael Chatfield is an accomplished Science Fiction author who has written a series of novels called The Free Fleet. His latest book, War’s Reward, is the latest in The Free Fleet Series and it has just been released this month. So this was the perfect opportunity to interview the author and know a bit more of…
james devo the wonder

Interview with James Devo – ‘The Wonder’

Award-winning scriptwriter James Devo, born and raised in South London, brings to us the imaginative world of The Wonder. It was a pleasure to have interviewed James, and I am sure you’ll be curious to know more of The Wonder after you read the interview.
Erin Ritch Myth

Interview with Erin Ritch – ‘Myth’ Book Release

I had the pleasure of interviewing Erin Ritchie, an author, a blogger, and an indie publisher; in celebration of her YA novel Myth being released today!
social media marathon

The Social Media Marathon, by Dan Alatorre

by Dan Alatorre Can you run 5 miles right now? Like stand up, go outside, and run five miles? No? Don’t feel bad, 99% of people you know can’t either. WHY would you want to run 5 miles? That’s hard. And… far. I don’t do that, by the way. But I did once. Blogging and…

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