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Portrayals of Evil in Fantasy, by Daniel Stride

portrayals of evil

Conflict is central to story, but the conflict between Good and Evil in particular remains a cornerstone of fantasy, to the point where Black Hat v. White Hat, complete with handsome heroes and ugly villains, may seem “standard”. George R.R. Martin, for one, has criticised what he considers the genre’s externalisation of evil, preferring the battle…

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The Social Media Marathon, by Dan Alatorre

social media marathon

by Dan Alatorre Can you run 5 miles right now? Like stand up, go outside, and run five miles? No? Don’t feel bad, 99% of people you know can’t either. WHY would you want to run 5 miles? That’s hard. And… far. I don’t do that, by the way. But I did once. Blogging and…

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The Fandom Tipping-Point, by Benedict Patrick

benedict patrick

by Benedict Patrick I vividly remember my first time. I was in my final year of primary school – eleven or twelve years of age. He was a substitute teacher, taking over our class for only a few weeks. Despite our huge age difference I was drawn to him, and more importantly was drawn to the…

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Pantsers vs. Plotters, by David Michael Williams

pantsers vs plotters

by David Michael Williams Once upon a time, the stories poured from my fingertips. Back in the early days of my Quest for Publication, I was equipped with naught but a trusty Pilot pen, a five-subject Mead notebook, and a plethora of ideas. Eventually, I upgraded to a keyboard and computer. After transcribing tome after…

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Review of Feast of Fates (Four Feasts Till Darkness #1)

christian brown feast of fates

I have the pleasure today to share my very positive review of Feast of Fates, the first volume in the series Four Feasts Till Darkness by Christian A. Brown, along with a guest post from the author. I hope you enjoy because I sure did. I am thrilled to give 4.5 stars to this book, the highest…

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