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“The Marriage Secret” by Carey Baldwin is not short of secrets

A page-turner for fans of psychological thrillers

Personal Experience:


“He’s taking your basic rights. Making you completely dependent on him. I know he provides for your needs, but this isn’t good.”

Who should read it? Psychological thriller lovers.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Possible Triggers (source): Abusive relationship; Blood; Car accident; Cheating; Death; Divorce; Emotional Abuse; Physical Abuse; Pregnancy; Murder; Violence.


** What is this book about? You can check below first **

No marriage is perfect, but this one is chilling. The Marriage Secret was quite a page-turner for me, from the very beginning. The more-than-one mysterious POV and the way the events unfolded hooked me right away. The pace was almost perfect.

Here are some things I LOVED about the book:

🧡 Some of the twists

I wasn’t completely happy with how part of the plot had developed (more on that below) but the twists were interesting enough to keep me hooked. It’s both good and bad when something is too difficult to predict, but many things in this book were well done.

🧡 Keeps you guessing

The book started strong, which was one of the most positive points. Once you hook the reader, it’s harder to let it go; mostly because it kept you guessing through foreshadowing. The questions in the book? I wanted the answer to them too. Once the book answers some of the questions, then more doubts arise. It’s a great motivation to keep reading.

And this is what I didn’t like as much:

🌧️ Sub-plot shift

Sometimes you’re just convinced that the story will reveal something specific (about a particular character or situation), and then it goes in the opposite direction. In this case, I wanted to know something about the character Zach, to the point that, once this was revealed, I wasn’t sure what other information I was looking forward to discovering anymore. The great foreshadowing technique from the beginning was gone for a moment. Was this now a tale of a woman’s escape? Would there be any other twists? For me, this shift happened in this book, approximately in the middle. I hadn’t stopped reading until that point, and then it took me a further week to finish the book. This was how much of an anti-climax shift it felt for me.

🌧️ The ending

Obviously, I won’t be revealing too much to avoid spoilers; however, I wasn’t entirely happy with the ending. It seemed a bit farfetched and it pretty much turned all characters into unlikeable characters.

Overall The Marriage Secret is just my type of book and I enjoyed it a lot. I think most will appreciate the twists and surprises, especially if you love a good psychological thriller where nothing is what it seems.

The Marriage Secret
by Carey Baldwin
Publication date: February 2022
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Suspense

He married me despite my darkest secret. But am I safe now that I know his?

From the outside, my marriage to Zach was perfect: dream home, a perfect baby girl and passionate, all-consuming love. When we met, I confessed my darkest secret to him and he never judged me for it. Instead, he vowed to always protect me whatever the cost.

But as I cradle my gorgeous baby, I have to accept that the husband who used to be my everything, has changed. At first it was little things: expecting me to keep to a strict schedule, picking out my clothes for me. Now, he controls every aspect of my life: from how much money I have, to when I leave the house and who I can see.

One fateful night, a young woman is found murdered and Zach is a potential suspect. Turning towards me, a look of warmth returning to his eyes, he swears he’s innocent, and I realize there is only one solution. If I agree to be his alibi, he will keep my secret and our daughter can grow up in a loving home. In that moment, I do what any faithful wife would do: I stand by him.

But I know deep down, only one of us will make it out of this marriage alive.


The Marriage Secret Carey Baldwin

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