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Portrayals of Evil in Fantasy, by Daniel Stride

evil portrayals
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  1. Stargazer says:

    I am a fan of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones. I find it fascinating how he portrays his perception of evil, and how it’s influencing the plot of the story. Personally, I think the conflict is the what makes the story entertaining, but it take more than that to come up with a successful story. If it’s entertaining for me, then good job.

  2. Indrani says:

    I have not read any of his books yet.
    The story line is gripping. May be I will read it one of those days when I have to wait at airport.

  3. Looks like we’re thinking alike: I made a similar thesis last week on my blog.

  4. cirsova says:

    Great article. One point I’d like to make on RE Howard’s behalf, however, is that Kull is literally about the challenges faced by an ethnic minority Other in a position of authority; he is very much like a sword & sorcery Othello.

    In some of Conan’s stories of savages, the savages, while brutal and deadly, are not shown as objectively evil. A great example is in Beyond the Black River; there, it’s a question of “Did you try to push your nation’s boundaries too deep into the borderlands of the Black River tribes? Well, ya dun goofed, they’re gonna take back what’s rightfully their’s, and if you’re lucky, a few of you will live.”

  5. GOT is really taking the world by a storm. It’s great how he designs the plots with unexpected twists and turns. For a TV series that’s mainly streamed, it has created a common language for everyone.

    I love the story of Daniel Stride’s life. He definitely took the unconventional way to live.

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