Tuesday Talks #7 – Books With Wasted Potential

Tuesday Talks -Book Talk
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  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    I can’t possibly count the number of books I have read that have wasted potentials as you mentioned. Some of the books were from known authors of genres I love. Incredibly, some do not only have absolutely captivating descriptions, but also killer titles – and then I start to read and go like… fall asleep and never to get back to those books.

    Even from popular authors, especially since everyone seems to be doing series these days, there are those which are bound to disappoint. AHHH! Now I remember. I love Tom Clancy. When I read Red Rabbit, although some people like it, I hated it.

  2. Maerose JS says:

    I have read countless books, most of which are educational, journals, papers and the like. My general rule (personal) is to drop a book that doesn’t make sense from the very beginning, i.e., do not waste time reading the whole thing because there are many waiting to be read. And a lifetime is not enough to read all the good ones. You are right when you said that there are technical aspects in literature that only experts can explain, but a book that cannot connect with its intended reader is a waste of time. Hope you didn’t finish reading the books listed above until the last page?

  3. On the contrary, im no bookish.. Hahaha! I love reading and buying books but its weird that after buying it i ended up not reading it. Or if i may start reading it im afraid i cannot finish it.. I got lots of books to read up until now and i wish to have the luxury of time to read a lot..but in relation to the question if i have read a book that i thought interesting and ended up frustrated, yes naman. Meron naman, during my college days.. What i do is i give it away to friends, though we still have a pile of not so good books at home. My husband keeps it. He likes books kase and i love having them on display..

  4. I could hardly remember buying and reading a book that I didn’t like. I usually buy only those that I have read reviews of and those recommended by friends. I also usually buy books of my favorite authors. That way, I am somewhat guaranteed I would like what I will read.

  5. YES! I definitely have. I have come to the end of books and thought – that’s it? Really? I can’t believe this book ended so abruptly, or in such a bad way. It is s frustrating as I love a good read. I love this idea of book reviews with wasted potential. Will be checking out your page some more.

  6. Rej says:

    YES!!! I read a book just this year. The beginning of the book was quite interesting but it just failed to develop the characters more and have a solid storyline. I felt so disappointed that I regret the time I wasted reading that book. I should’ve trusted the review in Goodreads before even purchasing the book.

  7. Johna says:

    I haven’t heard of the books you mentioned but for me I kinda felt like that with the last book I read which was Eat Pray Love. I heard mixed reviews about it so I thought I’d give it a try. Unfortunately I got bored half way and didn’t end up finishing hehe. Have you read it before?

  8. I haven’t read any of the books you’ve mentioned. The last book that I was reading was John Green’s Abundance of Katherines. I haven’t finished it yet though and I don’t plan to in the near future. That would probably be my choice for book with wasted potential. It wasn’t much of a page turner.

  9. Oh I did like Throne of Glass’s premise – it was a pretty interesting and unique one at the time for me! It’s been a while since I read it though, so I don’t quite remember much about how Celaena develops as a character :S

    1. Nya says:

      It’s all subjective opinion, the positive for me is that it’s a book that is quite easy and light to read 🙂 But glad there were people who liked it.

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