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Review of ‘Under the Trees’ – Ashley Maker

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  1. Aika Loraine says:

    I myself love love stories and fairy tales, and happy endings. Anyway, thank you for saying that this book is easy to read. I dont know but there are some books that are too heavily written and hard to understand. Young love, prince and princess. Oh, how can i resist this book. ❤️

  2. I really like the message of the book! I really enjoy to read books that have a deaper meaning. That learn me something and make me think about life. "You are in charge of your life and decisions" -> that's a very important message. And I love that this books carries that out. The plot sounds very interesting. But it's mostly your comments about what the book wants to tell that makes me interested. Has Ashley Maker written more books or is this the first? I could only find this one when I tried to look it up.

    1. Nya says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. As far as I know, this is Ashley’s first book but I have heard some rumors about a sequel. Fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Ashley Maker says:

    I try not to comment on reviews, good or bad, but sometimes I can’t help myself when I read one like this. Nya, your review is so lovely, and it means so much to me. Thank you for taking time to not only read my book, but also to share your thoughts and views about the story. I’m so happy you understand the book and the kind of message that was/is essential to the characters and plot. Your personal note at the end really touched me. Thank you for sharing that story. <3

    1. Nya says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words Ashley. It was my pleasure, thank you so much for giving me the chance to review your lovely book. All the best for you.

  4. Your words are so true. With everything happening in this world, your thoughts ring so true.

    1. Nya says:

      Thank you. I am happy that others feel the same way.

  5. love stories always tend to thrill me. Nice review by the way. I can’t wait to read this book. thnx for the informative post! 🙂

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