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Pantsers vs. Plotters, by David Michael Williams

pantsers vs plotters
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  1. Brilliant guest post. It's so interesting to read another author's journey.

  2. Life as Mum says:

    What a great post. I can imagine it takes such a long time to write.

  3. Bookstooge says:

    As a fan, I’ll take a plotter over a pantser ANY day…

  4. Sheena says:

    I always love a look into the mind of a creative. The process is so different for each one, very interesting!

  5. This is a very interesting post! I'm attempting to write my own book and can imagine how long this process can take!

  6. Awesome read for a future author, I have learned a lot from your post. Going through the same journey of building up worlds only to tear them down again due to logic and revision.

  7. Liz Mays says:

    This is so cool. I always wodnered what it's like to write stories inside a fictional world. It seems so difficult!

  8. I loved reading this and hearing firsthand the process of writing and how it didn't come easily. I agree editing is the worst!

  9. Ana De Jesus says:

    I agree taking time away and learning to plot is credentials needed to be a good writer. I write short stories and poetry.

  10. Great article!! I've always found the minds of a writer so facinating and I love the creativeness of writing a book.

  11. I love reading other authors journey to publication and to see they have accomplished their goal… it inspires me to finish my work and get it out to the public. Fun read!

  12. I love learning about the creative process of others. I am certainly not a writer, but I try to be creative in other ways.

  13. Such gorgeous covers! Have to be completely honest I typically pick up books because of their covers and I would definitly pick these up!

  14. That was an interesting read i always wondered whats going on in an authors mind, and is truly fascinating.

  15. That was an interesting read i always wondered whats going on in an authors mind, and is truly fascinating.

  16. Dreammerin says:

    It can be a very creative and difficult process at the same time ! Great article! Greetings!

  17. I loved reading guest post because everyone has their own unique story. You invited a excellent guest. Loved his story and the point of view.

  18. I'm sending this post to my friend, whose goal is to have her own book someday! Her books aren't fantasy (from what I've read at least), but this will still help, for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  19. It's not an easy job to write a book! I have a friend with journalist background and it took him quite a long time to publish his first novel. Now he have written already 3 novel and just started teh 4th one.

  20. Bella says:

    This was a very interesting read. I can’t imagine what it takes to write a fictional novel. I would never get anything of quality out if I was a panster.

  21. Louisa says:

    I’ve always wanted to be a writer… I find myself coming up with what I think are interesting plots (and seems like these things come to me in the bath for some reason!) but never getting the chance to write them down and explore.

  22. Totally agree, there's no rules when you a writer – every writer has his/her own unique perspective and way of portraying a story and they should stick to it. Great job on giving us an insight into the process.
    xx, Kusum |

  23. Jimmy says:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

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