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Interview with C.S. Wilde – Author of ‘A Courtroom of Ashes’

cs wilde interview

C.S. Wilde, believe it or not, has written since she was eight years old.  If you keep reading, you will find out that, besides being a Fantasy author, she has also the gift of giving entertaining interviews. I have included a bit of information about A Courtroom of Ashes in the end, so go ahead and feel free…

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Comic Book Review – The Legend of Wonder Woman #1 (issue)

legend of wonder woman

Note: This Review refers to the Print Edition Issue #1 (corresponding to Chapter One, Two, and Three of the Digital Edition) First of all, I would like to warn you that the following review will be coming from a Comic Book newbie, and as any personal opinion, as subjective as it can be. Seeing as…

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Pantsers vs. Plotters, by David Michael Williams

pantsers vs plotters

by David Michael Williams Once upon a time, the stories poured from my fingertips. Back in the early days of my Quest for Publication, I was equipped with naught but a trusty Pilot pen, a five-subject Mead notebook, and a plethora of ideas. Eventually, I upgraded to a keyboard and computer. After transcribing tome after…

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