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Tuesday Talks #3 – If you do not enjoy the first book in a series do you still continue reading the series?

If you do not enjoy the first book in a series…do you still continue reading?

If you do not enjoy the first book in a series do you still continue reading the series?

And my answer is: Most likely no, but I would be open to considering it.

A recent example was of a book I have recently given a bad rating, and the author contacted me, very kindly, and offered me the second volume in case I would be interested in giving another chance to the series. Her message and explanation did pique my interest, therefore, I have accepted the offer.

Most of the time, however, if a book has failed to pique my interest by the first volume, I will not continue. I have such a long TBR list already that I can’t help but feel I’d be wasting my time reading a series that I have tried but didn’t like. Of course, I could be wrong and I could be missing out a great series. So when in doubt, I check recommendations or reviews of other people who have continued the series.

How about you?

4 Responses

  1. I would not normally bother with a second book if the first in the series bored me. But I’m in two minds about The Iron Ship – there were bits in the book that really gripped me and I would’ve liked to know how things turned out for a couple of the characters, but it was a hard slog reading book 1 and I’m not sure I want to do it all again.

  2. Honestly, it depends on how much I didn’t like the first book. If I thought it was mildly enjoyable but had a lot of problems with it, I’ll generally pick up the sequel from the library. But if I couldn’t get into the first novel then I won’t pick up the subsequent novels.

  3. For some three decades, I have read mostly fictions – thrillers, especially historical thrillers. What I noticed is that nearly all the popular authors have book series. Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan, for example. The first book in a series is always the critical one, I think. BUT, most of the authors I follow, I never got to read their first book. It was always I saw a title, liked the description, had fun reading, and so I got the whole series.

    There is not one author though, whose series, especially those with 10 or more, could possibly publish books that are ALL truly good. Some would be average, a bummer, but because I enjoyed most others in a series, it means I would continue reading more.

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