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Hi there, you can call me Nya, *long story short* it’s a childhood nickname that came up from a diminutive form of my real name. When I’m not reading, I’m working in user experience design, traveling, and playing videogames.

What do I read? Well, it depends! When it comes to fiction: I’m pretty addicted to thrillers, I’ve always loved sci-fi and fantasy, and my guilty pleasure is chick lit. 

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“Nothing extraordinary is ever done out of reason or logic, but because it’s the only way for your soul to breathe.” —
Axie Oh, The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea


Today feels so surreal and I can't put it into words.
As a European I'm shocked and sad to see what it happening in the US. This is a huge step backwards.

I never tweet anything political but I cannot stay quiet about this and want to take a stance.

So.. sunburn + covid in 1 week is definitely not fun 😞 That’s my last Twitter update *back to bed*

Had a nice time with my kindle in the sun, and got sunburnt in the process (because I’m an idiot) 😭

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