she lies in wait
The Dark Mystery of “She Lies in Wait” by Gytha Lodge

“She Lies in Wait” is a compelling mystery thriller that I’ve enjoyed reading. No, it isn’t…

i heart forever by lindsey kelk
A standalone review of ‘I Heart Forever’ by Lindsey Kelk

‘I Heart Forever‘  is #7 in the I Heart series but it was the first…

darkchylde ariel chylde saga
From Comics to Book – Review of ‘DarkChylde’ by R. Queen

This Halloween I’ve received a copy of DarkChylde from the publisher, and it was yet…

evil portrayals
Portrayals of Evil in Fantasy, by Daniel Stride

by Daniel Stride   Conflict is central to story, but the conflict between Good and…

Nicky Peacock author interview
Interview with Nicky Peacock – ‘Lost in Wonderland’

Today I’m interviewing Nicky, a published author of both YA and adult urban fantasy &…

Cirsova magazine
Editor Interview – ‘Cirsova Heroic Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine’

Today I am really excited to be interviewing P. Alexander, the editor for Cirsova Heroic…

the girl on the train paula hawkins
‘The Girl On The Train’ by Paula Hawkins – Book + Bonus Movie Review

I was offered the hardcover of The Girl On The Train last Christmas by Sarah @Sarah’s Bookshelf. I’ve…

The Bachelor gone wrong? – Review of ‘The Selection’ by Kiera Cass

The Selection has been quite a popular book a (very long) while ago, but it’s never…

Tail and Trouble Victor Catano
Interview with Victor Catano – Tail & Trouble

Victor Catano has been writing since he was a kid, but Tail & Trouble is…

Tuesday Talks -Book Talk
Tuesday Talks #7 – Books With Wasted Potential

I haven’t participated in a Tuesday Talks for a while, but here’s my chance to…